Nordic BioEnergy


Nordic BioEnergy is supported by the financial commitment and strategic guidance of our lead investor, Bregal Energy, a private equity fund broadly focused on the North American energy sector. As part of the Bregal Investments' family of funds that has invested over $9 Billion since 2002, Bregal Energy has substantial, long term funding from a sixth generation family foundation.

Bregal Energy has deep expertise in oil & gas E&P, midstream, transmission development, traditional and renewable power generation and related services. The fund targets equity investments of up to $100 million to support growth stage companies and the deployment of proven technologies across the North American energy sector.

Bregal Energy understands the needs of growing management teams and the uncertainties of project development. In addition, Bregal Energy’s extensive industry network and access to additional sources of financing complement all portfolio companies. This combination of assets and experience makes Bregal Energy an ideal partner for world-class management teams with innovative energy businesses.

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Bregal Energy